Council Club gatherings are held on the second Thursday of each month except for June, July, August, and December. To join and become a member of the Council Club you must also be member of Sumter Historic Trust.

The $50 per person cost is well worth it. It is a great opportunity to visit with close friends and to meet people. Council Club hostesses really outdo themselves with a wonderful variety of tasty dishes! Members range from people in their 20's to people in their 80’s, and a great opportunity to interact with other Sumter Historic Trust Members. If you would like to join, you can come to any gathering which starts 6:30 P.M. at the Lee Council House or if you would like to prepay, you can send a check payable to the Council Club for $50 for individuals and $100 for couples to: To participate in Council Club you must simply become members of the Sumter Historic Trust.  Payment of these dues can be made by mailing your membership level contribution to P.O. Box 961 here in Americus or made in person at a monthly meeting.  Then you pay the Council Club dues, $50.00 a person for the year, by the same methods.

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