Incorporated February 18, 1960 (for a period of 35 years), as petitioned by Mrs. Terry Hiers, Mrs. John Morgan, Harold White, Mrs. John Oxford, R.C. Pendergrass, Mrs. Hollis Fort Jr, Wilber Giddengs, Mrs. William Staples, Geo. R. Ellis, Mrs. L.N. Witt, Chas. R. Crisp, Edward Hutchinson, Lloyd A. Moll and Louis Broussard, as the "Sumter Arts and Historical Association, Inc." Respectfully submitted to the Georgia Secretary of State by Geo. R. Ellis, Attorney at Law.

Articles of Amendment adopted on November 8, 1973 by unanimous vote (73), executed November 15, 1973, by then President, Lanier H. Oxford, and ordered by the Sumter County Superior Court Judge T. O. Marshall on November 16, 1973, changing the name of the corporation to the "Sumter Historic Preservation Society, Inc." And, further clarifying "that the Corporation shall have perpetual duration."

Articles of Amendment adopted and executed on March 12, 1995 by special called meeting of the Board of Directors, and executed by then President and Director, W. McCall Calhoun, Jr, and then Executive Vice President, Malcolm S. Argo. changing the name of the corporation to the "Sumter Historic Trust, Inc."